YPConnect Speaker

A New Place for Planning: the Curtin University HIVE Visualisation Lab

Thursday 10 May
1154 – 1212

Sam McLeod, PIA Assoc.

What does ‘Drone Disruption’ mean for planning?

Friday 11 May
1100 – 1118

Kathryn Doyle, PIA (Assoc.), Qualifications in Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning Curtin University

How can urban design create a viable and liveable off-world city? A city on Mars

Friday 11 May
1154 – 1212

Cassie Barrow, PIA (Assoc.), Urbis

Planning First: Land Use is Shaping Adelaide’s Future Light Rail Network

Friday 11 May
1330 – 1348

Brad McCormack (MPIA), Infraplan SA

Gender and the City: Places for Everyone

Friday 11 May
1406 – 1424

Rebecca Egan, PIA (Assoc.), Curtin University