Samantha Reece


Samantha Reece, Director PropertyESP, is one of Perth’s most revered property commentators.

Qualified in marketing and PR, Samantha has played a major role in WA’s property sector for the past 25 years, providing strategic advice to major developers including Finbar, Multiplex and Clough Property.
Her company PropertyESP specialises in researching sales and consumer trends to provide insights into the market, which in turn helps guide investor decisions.

In September 2016 Samantha also established the WA Apartment Advocacy to provide a voice to those that choose apartments. In November 2017 Samantha hosted the first pop up apartment Australia wide and commenced a 12 month social experiment trialling 12 sets of people through the newly completed Oracle apartments in Perth.
Samantha is a Board member for the Property Education Foundation and a member of the PCAWA Residential Committee and UDIA.