Rolf Fenner

Chief Policy Officer
ACT Division Executive Officer

Rolf was appointed PIA’s National Chief Policy Officer in late August 2017. He holds a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Hons) and has been a PIA member since 1992.

His career to date has seen him work for several councils across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. He has also worked as planning consultant, part time university lecturer, and as a senior planner with the NSW Department of Planning.

He was previously the Senior Policy Adviser with the Australian Local Government Association. During his time with ALGA he developed an extensive appreciation of the diverse range of national policy issues impacting local government and planning through his participation at multiple ministerial councils and senior official meetings.

Rolf was a long term and active member of the Planning Officials Group, National Development Assessment Forum, electronic DA Steering Committee, Risk Assessment, Measurement and Mitigation Sub Committee, Land Use Planning and Building Codes Taskforce and the Healthy Spaces and Places partnership.

His expertise includes: cities, urban governance, rural and regional development, development assessment reform, community development, housing, urban design, and disaster resilience.