Nicholas Temov

Design WA Project
Department of Planning

Nic Temov is an urban planner with over ten years’ experience working on major projects in Perth — including Elizabeth Quay, Cockburn Coast and the PIA-awarded Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor Framework.

He coordinates the Design WA project for the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. A collaboration with the Office of the Government Architect, the project is bringing the planning and design industries together to develop a suite of policies to improve the built environment, starting with apartments.

Outside of work Nic encourages citizens to learn more about their neighbourhoods and what’s needed to build great cities. He is the coordinator for Jane’s Walk Perth, which leads groups on free walking tours that uncover the hidden and untold stories behind the bricks and mortar of Perth’s suburbs.

He holds degrees in geography and urban planning, and has completed postgraduate studies in urban design in Perth and Boston.