Julian Coyne

Managing Director

Julian brings together a unique blend of entrepreneurship, engineering and technology… with a splash of imagination and a twist of fun!

After graduating with honours in Computer & Mathematical Science in 2002, Julian has launched several ventures starting with Unified (technology advisory & strategy), Convergio (industrial process automation & optimisation) and more recently OneGov (government and industry collaboration).

Julian has worked with diverse clients spanning all tiers of Government and academia through to Toyota, Rio Tinto, Woodside, Landgate, IBM and Microsoft.

Julian also serves as WA Chair of AIIA – Australia’s peak body for the tech sector, and he sits on the advisory boards for the Autism Academy of Software Quality Assurance (AASQA), the WA Chief Scientist’s STEM Strategy and the New Industries Fund.

What does the congress theme mean to you?: A common thread in all my work as a software engineer and social entrepreneur has been the purposeful application of technology to address real world challenges.

We are at a very exciting time in history.

With clear thinking and a future focus, we can reimagine and recreate our communities to be more inclusive, sustainable and productive.

Please provide a short quote about why you are excited about participating in the 2018 Planning Congress.: The intersection of disciplines is where great ideas always come together.

I am looking forward to sharing, learning and engaging in the 2018 Planning Congress delegates and speakers in exploring a bright and exciting future.