John Brockhoff

Principal Policy Advisor
Planning Institute of Australia

BSc(Hons), MEnvPlan, MPA, mPIA

John is a policy advisor and planner with 30 years’ experience as a public sector manager and consultant in planning, infrastructure, environment and economic development.

John is Principal Policy Officer (National and NSW) for the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and is a member of the Central Sydney (Regional) and Georges River (Local) Planning Panels. John guided the preparation of PIA’s policy position on ‘infrastructure and its funding’and the Parliamentary Inquiry into the ‘development of cities’.

As Principal Policy Advisor, John led the technical development, communication and delivery of Sydney’s Metropolitan Strategy. He formulated NSW Government policy for urban renewal, employment lands and the integration of land use and transport. In private practice, John led project development and appraisal of infrastructure as well as advising on governance reforms for local councils.