David Cooke

City Collective

David Cooke has the unique skillset of being an internationally qualified Urban Designer, a registered Architect and an accredited Planner. In 2014 David was the first South Australian to be awarded a prestigious scholarship to attend the University of California, Berkeley in their intensive Masters of Urban Design program. Upon returning to Australia, as Director of design studio City Collective, David is now applying this international knowledge and experienced gained to address the urban renewal challenges that face Australian cities.

City Collective
City Collective is a holistic design studio offering urban design, architecture and sports recreation planning services to cities, governments, institutions and the private sector. Utilising our extensive local and international experience, City Collective is able to provide innovative design solutions to projects that are requiring big picture visionary thinking. The City Collective approach is innovative, highly collaborative and sees the studio work on project typologies that are focused on improving community outcomes, such as urban repair, community master planning, sports & recreation, residential and community infrastructure.

City Collective are the custodians of city data – case studies and projects from cities around the world. A strategic partner to help cities and places evolve, transform, repair and grow. City Collective offer collaborative thinking to the urban challenges that confront our cities, towns and places.