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At Urbis, we have one simple goal – to shape the cities and communities for a better future. It’s something we achieve by drawing together a network of the brightest minds. Think of Urbis as a creative community of practice experts, working collaboratively to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice and guidance – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions. So, what does this mean for you?

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Whether you engage with us in the areas of planning, design, policy, heritage, valuations, transactions, economics or research, you know you’re dealing with the experts who will connect you to a better outcome, every time. We help you achieve remarkable, sustainable outcomes – places or policies that work, that make our cities and communities better.

Find out more at urbis.com.au

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Encompassing an area of more than 1,000km2 the City of Swan holds stewardship over a beautifully diverse expanse of land, rich in natural assets with a mountain range cascading into a fertile valley surrounded by rangelands through which rivers flow and biodiversity thrives.

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Our population and dwelling numbers have doubled over the last 20 years, the majority resulting from greenfield developments. Our proactive approach to future growth ensures all developments include high levels of public amenity, infrastructure and sustainability for our communities both now and into the future.

Our local planning strategy supports excellence in urban design and environmental management; some developments receiving national and international awards. Our strong population growth parallels the growth of our local economy with our gross regional product now in excess of $9 billion, almost 10,000 actively trading businesses and our top three industries of employment (manufacturing, health care/social assistance, construction) providing almost 30,000 of the 72,000 jobs in Swan. Our employment self-sufficiency remains strong with more jobs in Swan than the number of employed residents.

Please join us as we highlight our history and heritage, areas of industrial, commercial and residential development, enjoy lunch in the Swan Valley and explore the World’s best master-planned community at Ellenbrook.


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LandCorp is realising the potential of land for all Western Australians.Our role is unique. We operate Statewide to create large and small developments to meet current and future needs. We adopt an integrated approach and act commercially, providing a return to government for reinvestment.

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A key focus is growing WA in a planned and sustainable way, an approach which is embedded in regional town and city development, urban city revitalisation and strategic infrastructure development.

Social and environmental benefits are achieved by reducing reliance on cars, increasing social interaction at the local level and enhancing economic benefit such as increased local employment. Triple bottom line outcomes are crucial when planning and delivering all developments with an ultimate aim to support economic and employment growth and deliver tangible community benefit.

We encourage innovation in the property sector through our many innovative demonstration projects.


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The City of Perth is revitalising urban spaces into thriving new centres, with parks, public places and facilities that celebrate the city’s natural and built form. An unprecedented rate of change and expansion has transformed our riverside City and reinforces Perth’s position as a contemporary, cosmopolitan capital.

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Billions of dollars have been invested in major projects, from attractive world-class sporting and entertainment venues to a new museum. Perth is Western Australia’s Capital City, with its idyllic climate, enviable lifestyle, natural landscapes and multicultural heritage, Perth is an attractive place for people to work, live, visit and invest. There has never been a better time to experience the city of Perth.


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Planning Solutions

Complex made simple

At Planning Solutions we understand that communities are complex arrangements of interconnected parts and there is never one answer to any planning question.

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With our handpicked staff of statutory planning experts we specialise in navigating a clear path for our clients to follow, providing strong direction, unfailing support and a proven track record.

We are dedicated to presenting innovative, economical, and simple solutions for every project, regardless of size or complexity. Working closely with an extensive network of professionals in the property development industry, we will supply expert advice and representation through all aspects of urban and regional planning.


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We exist to make people’s lives better by making NSW a great place to live and work.

We help to provide homes and services, build great communities, create jobs and protect the environment by creating plans for the future of regions and local areas, revitalising urban areas, providing land for new homes, services and open space, assessing important projects to ensure the need for new jobs is balanced with the needs of the community and environment, and developing policies that guide planning activity for government and local government across NSW.

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Local people play a vital role in our work by providing important local insights, information on community needs, and feedback on your policies and plans.


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The Western Australian Planning Commission takes a lead role in shaping the future of Western Australia in a sustainable manner through a whole-of-government approach integrated strategic and statutory land use planning, land development and infrastructure coordination. The Commission has statewide responsibility for urban, rural and regional land use planning and land development.

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The Commission’s role is prescribed in the Planning and Development Act 2005 and includes:

  • providing advice to the Minister for Planning , local government and others on land use planning, land development and infrastructure coordination;
  • preparing and keeping under review land use planning polices, schemes, strategies and plans;
  • planning for the coordinated provision of infrastructure;
  • acquiring, developing, maintaining and managing land assets reserved by the Commission under a region planning scheme or improvement scheme; and
  • regulating integrated land-use planning through land use and statutory planning controls and approvals.
  • Undertake research and develop planning methods and models related to land use planning and development.

There are 15 Commission Board members under the leadership of Chairman Eric Lumsden PSM.


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Satterley Property Group is an Australian leader in infill and greenfield masterplanned residential communities.

Nigel Satterley founded the Satterley in 1980 and is a sought-after industry expert on Australian residential housing markets and cycles, taking on advisory roles to the Australian Federal Government and working with all levels of government to improve housing affordability.

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Satterley operates in three Australian states dominating the West Australian land market and rapidly gaining market share in Victoria and Queensland.

The company has a proven track record in delivering award-winning communities. It has been a finalist in more than 100 national and state industry awards including national and state PIA Awards.

Satterley is committed to the planning profession, as a key partner in achieving successful development outcomes and has sponsored the annual PIA State Conference Student Scholarship since 2009.

Trust, quality and strong financial performance are the keystones of the company and the brand name has become one that people know and trust.

More than 250,000 people choose to call a Satterley community home. People know that when they move into one of Satterley’s masterplanned communities they are purchasing a lifestyle, not just a postcode – a place that meets their current and future needs.


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Hames Sharley is a multi-award winning design practice specialising in urban design, planning, architecture and interior design. Established in Adelaide in 1976, the practice currently operates in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.The practice’s core vision is to enable communities to flourish by thinking for tomorrow today, delivering transformational solutions and creating exceptional collaborative environments.

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Hames Sharley’s portfolio of work is as diverse as it is innovative. All projects are designed to the highest standards and are consistently recognised among industry peers through the many awards that the practice has received. Each of the studios are committed to designing sustainable built environments that satisfy the needs of end users through continuous research and active participation in the sustainable forum.


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REMPLAN is a pioneer in the field of regional economic analysis and is the developer of REMPLAN Economy, a cloud based economic modelling and analysis system that makes the complex simple. The REMPLAN economic system is used by State / Territory and Federal Government agencies, economic development boards, local governments, universities and consultants across Australia.

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In addition to REMPLAN Economy software, REMPLAN now deliver:

  • REMPLAN Community software & online community, economy and investment profiles;
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Drive time modelling
  • Population & employment forecasting

Spun-off from La Trobe University in 2006, REMPLAN continues to undertake research in regional economics and planning by providing area-specific data, impact modelling of economic and demographic data via online resources and consulting services.

See us at our exhibition stand or contact the team on; 1300 737 443 [email protected]


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Isovist is a combined Software and Planning company, bringing experience and expertise in both fields together to provide simple and effective web based planning tools that lead the field. On top of the expertise we bring, we work collaboratively with our council clients to ensure our products remain at the leading edge, providing the high quality and cost effective IT tools that planners need.

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For example, our cutting edge online plan tool (IsoPlan) brings plans and GIS together to provide a simple and intuitive interface for a plan user to search and navigate their way through council planning documents. A key feature of this is interface is that, by having GIS at its heart, IsoPlan enables a user to quickly find the specific planning information that relates to a specific location, and to also find the relevant information for a specific activity.We haven’t stopped there though. IsoPlan also comes with an easy to use built in editor, which enables councils to draft, maintain and update their plans going forward in a clear, managed and trackable manner.

….and we also provide on-line consultation tools and a development application management system which can be combined with IsoPlan to provide a fully integrated planning system.


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Taylor Burrell Barnett is one of Australia’s most prestigious Urban Planning practices. Our culture and business direction is based on a simple principle – to shape exceptional places where communities prosper and people belong.

With a history spanning almost 50 years, TBB has had a hand in many of Western Australia’s most recognisable developments. We have, at our core, a highly talented team of specialists in urban design, planning and community engagement – an energetic, progressive group who collectively look beyond simply solving issues, and look instead to achieving goals.

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The urban development landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation, and TBB is responding to the change, leading conversations that will facilitate a strategic paradigm shift in our future growth.

We consider our business success to be linked to our clients’ experience; we seek to make complex processes easy for our clients to navigate and to deliver outcomes that surpass their expectation.

With our extensive network and strong industry relationships, we provide the link between our clients and key decision-makers throughout the development process. We are known for our ‘whole project’ leadership approach, capable of assembling and leading bespoke teams of some of the country’s brightest experts. Every project that comes to us is treated as a collective conversation, one in which we guide the people involved to achieve innovative, progressive and successful outcomes which shape our community in a way that we will be proud to hand on to our future generations.

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