Keynote Speakers


Leyla Acaroglu

The Disruptive Design Method

TED speaker, award winning designer, United Nations Champion of the Earth and sustainability provocateur Dr Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently by exploring counterintuitive ideas about what sustainability is and how we can use it to bring about creative solutions that redesign the world.

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Julian Coyne

Managing Director

Julian brings together a unique blend of entrepreneurship, engineering and technology… with a splash of imagination and a twist of fun!

After graduating with honours in Computer & Mathematical Science in 2002, Julian has launched several ventures starting with Unified (technology advisory & strategy), Convergio (industrial process automation & optimisation) and more recently OneGov (government and industry collaboration).

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Copenhaganize Design Co.

James Thoem

Urban Planner
Copenhagenize Design Co.

Trained as an urban planner in Canada and Sweden, James brings with him an academic and professional background in community engagement and active transportation. At Copenhagenize, he coordinates the planning team in the Copenhagen office while managing communication between satellite offices. Beyond managing clients and professional networks, James leads the development of cycling strategies worldwide, bolstered by his comprehensive background in urban planning, municipal governance and project management.​

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Michael Wexler

Urban Designer
Copenhagenize Design Co.
As the head of Copenhagenize’s new North American office in Montreal, Michael is currently working with cities and governments across Canada and the U.S. to leverage many lessons from Copenhagen’s numerous examples of best-practice design and policy. He has a diverse background in urban planning, project management, design and visual media and a Master of Planning from McGill University.