Congress Themes

The 2018 Congress aspires to address what is effectual planning practice on the global frontier – whether that’s planning for the local community, a metropolitan area, a regional area, a mega-city or an emergent region.
Good planning doesn’t simply mitigate and fix problems: it strives to reimagine and recreate our communities to be more inclusive, sustainable and productive.

#PIACongress18 will challenge delegates to go boldly beyond business as usual. Rather than accepting the norm and staying stuck in the present, we will set our sights on the future and look past geographical boundaries and technical limitations. Over three days we will get together to examine the big picture and ask, “What kind of Australia do we want for tomorrow and how do we get there?”

Throughout our journey we will explore amazing technological innovations and exciting innovative ways of communicating, visualising, organising and thinking that can better inform how we plan our cities. The end goal: to forge ahead as planners to stimulate the greatest disrupters for change – the places in which we live, work and play.

In short, #PIACongress18 is designed to help us plan for the future of planning. There are many big changes ahead of us – as a profession and as a society – and with those changes come many opportunities to harness as well as challenges to prepare for.

The Congress concurrent program will address:

  • Digital Frontiers – Rise of AI
  • Shift: Movement, People, Places
  • Gen – F(uture)
  • Regions on the Frontier
  • New Frontiers for Fairness
  • Great Places – Pushing Frontiers

In 2018 we have 3 types of concurrent sessions for delegates to choose from:

18 minute oral presentation
These are short to the point presentations and case studies aimed at allowing delegates to hear about a range of topics related to the various Congress themes.

45 minute interactive – SHOTS (Short Hits of Training)
These sessions provide succinct insight on a particular topic and will offer technical content in an interactive format. SHOTs presenters will share their knowledge and project learnings and they are intended to offer technical content in a workshop format.

90 minute interactive session
These sessions are focussed topic discussions, workshops or panels. They will present: Case studies of projects, policy and development in practice, including the lessons learned, both good and bad; present information, evidence and tools to support better planning; present innovative approaches that generate new ways thinking and challenge the status quo; or offer perspectives and experiences from the end users and stakeholders of planning.